QSPEC is a sole representative of ORBILITY in India.Orbility manufactures world class parking equipment and software.


PureTech Systems' boosted with real-world implementations and cutting-edge innovation, offering the highest of detection for electronically securing perimeters.


Messerschmitt GmbH is the world leading company in Secure door locking mechanism and access Control, HVAC temperature, Presence Monitoring, Illumination  solutions.


UHF, VHF, trunked, DMR, COFDM, mesh radio, SDR for tactical communication and Technical Surveillance Counter Measures [TSCM]

IEC 30101

Distribution power transformer Sensor network and interfaces by adhering IEC 30101 with combination with IEC 61850


Qspec Designed for Effective irrigation & monitoring system using ultrasont level sensor, Soil moisture sensor integrated with LoRa WAN 865 MHz to make decisions to irrigate.

Our Domain of expertise

Our enterprise and valuable users depend on simple and effective communications every day to keep business prosperous, intelligent and safe. At Qspec’s, dedication to innovation is our lifeline , the domain of expertise are parking management system & automation, perimeter defence & vision intelligence, mission-critical communication & services, video forensic & analytics driven by secure, resilient framework. Our push for on-going innovation and cooperation with our customers makes it possible.

Our association with trusted & reliable international OEM  are hereunder

Parking Management System

French OEM - French parking management systems pioneer, known for the quality of its products and related services.

Glorious 50 years of experience Having 2000 Equipped car parking installation around the world in 20 countries

Perimeter Detection System

US OEM - Artificial Intelligence video analytics, sensor integration and data fusion for real-time event detection and forensic video content analysis enhance situational awareness with a primary focus on automated intrusion detection and monitoring for country borders and coastlines, perimeters of facilities and essential infrastructures

Smart Building - infrastructure

German OEM – offers integrated solution for smart home, hotel, resorts room or other infrastructure with own Secure controller, sensor, encoder, access control, control panels, and HVAC controller etc. 

The outcomes are not only comfortable, practical and stylishly decorated, but also impress with well-thought-out smart OR smart technology for human use.

Perimeter Detection System

Tactical communication

Qspec's team of specialists has 30 years of expertise in sensitive communication and transmission for use in government and hazardous environments.

UHF, VHF, trunked, DMR, COFDM, mesh radio, SDR for tactical communication systems as well Technical Surveillance Counter Measures [TSCM]

Technology for Smart World

Qspec’s Initiative for SDG's Goal 11- based on Technology implementation of IoT (internet of things), the sensor network, the communication backbone and the application layer in the field of SWM (GPS guided solid waste management), smart irrigation and power supply for agriculture and farming.

Smart Grid monitoring

Qspec’s Initiative for SDG's Goal 7: Affordable and clean energy - based on Design & integrate smart grid system's distribution transformer with Sensor network and its interfaces for secure cloud application, based on standard practice code IEC 30101 with combination with IEC 61850

Management Team

Mr. Dildar 
Chairman & MD

30 + years of exprience 
Head Service Operations 
(Indian Sub-Continent) 
Mission critical communication

+91 88791 10764

Mr.Aseem K
Director - Marketing

28 + years of exprience 
Director- Marketing & Business Dev. 
(Indian Sub-Continent) 
Parking & Automation industry

+91 98113 01771

Ms. Ruby
Director - Media & Sales

18 + years of exprience 
Director- Marketing & Business Dev. 
(Indian Sub-Continent) 
Digital marketing & sales

+91 98108 99310

Anupam Bairagi
Director - technology & R&D

22 + years of exprience 
IT, Electronics, Radio, IoT, 
Automation, SDR , GIS and software dev.

+91 97488 92245

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